DIY Halloween Brownies: COUSIN ITT

DIY Halloween Brownies: COUSIN ITT

Are you ready for our second Halloween DIY brownies? We've already given you a slime monster and now we're going fuzzy with Cousin Itt.

Again, all it takes is our Original Brownies and a small selection of goodies from your local home baking aisles and you're good to go! 

DIY Cousin Itt Brownies

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, our Cousin Itt brownies! *click click*

STEP 1: Cut your Brown & Blond Original Brownies in half.
STEP 2: Add chocolate frosting to a bowl and mix it up to soften. 
STEP 3: Spread your chocolate frosting over your brownies.
STEP 4: Add candy eyes to brownies. 
STEP 5: Cover brownies in chocolate sprinkles - the more the merrier. 
STEP 6: Enjoy your Cousin Itt brownies!  

Have a gander at the video below to see our step-by-step process. And don't forget to follow our Instagram to keep up to date with our other spooky creations!



So what are you waiting for?! Get your brownies ordered and remember to tag us in your own creations! 

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