DIY Halloween Brownies: MUMMY

DIY Halloween Brownies: MUMMY

 As we creep another step closer towards Halloween, we thought it was only fitting that we share with you another one of our spooky edible creations. This time, we're shaking off the bandages and giving you a mummy!

The best part is that all of our creations are things you can do at home with the kids! All you need is to order a box of our Original Brownies and the rest are simple supplies you can find at your local home baking aisle. 

DIY Mummy Halloween Brownies

STEP 1: cut Brown & Blond original brownies in half.
STEP 2: heat up white chocolate and stir until it softens.
STEP 3: zigzag white chocolate over brownies in a back and forth motion. 
STEP 4: add candy eyes to brownies. 
STEP 5: enjoy your mummy brownies!  


Brown & Blond make brownies.

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