The Wait Is Almost Over!

The Wait Is Almost Over!

We have to be honest, it felt like this task has been going on for decades now although we have actually ran through the process rather quickly but we're finally (almost) in our new bakery! 

We got the keys for our new site of operations in the heart of Morley in October and from there the building work has been non-stop! 

We're going for a full kit-out so we can increase the size of our operations to deliver even more brownies to our fabulous stockists and you to you wonderful customers.


We're going to be having our first production day in the new bakery this Monday! Eeeee!!! With the extended space it means our bakers won't be having to work around one another and we will be able to up our production quantities. 

Now it hasn't all been smooth sailing although it has gone a lot faster than it could have done which is always a blessing and a bonus. 

Still, we're ready to get these doors flung open and to have our brownies flying out! 

We'll make sure we film a little reveal video once everything is ready for action next week! 

Brown & Blond make brownies. 

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