March's Monthly Specials

March's Monthly Specials

As if we're in March already?! This year really is speeding through fast. Still, a new month means only one thing – brand new specials! 

Easter is approaching and so it seems only natural that we break out the big guns and get the seasonal choccies out!

March's Monthly Specials

So let's not muck about, here's what we've got coming up for you this month:

Mini Egg Brownie

Maybe we're being crazy, but if we had the King Midas effect, we would want to turn everything around us into mini eggs, not gold! This brownie is both decadently topped and nostalgically beautiful – a must have in our eyes. 

Cremè Egg Brownie

 Is it pronounced 'cream' as in 'dream' or 'creme' as in 'them'? Honestly we don't care but what we do know is its going in a brownie! You thought our signature Belgian chocolate brownies were gooey and moorish - think again! When a Cremè Egg comes to play, everything is heightened!

These flavours will be live on our website from March 1st so keep your eyes peeled as the wait is almost over! 👀

Brown & Blond make brownies. 

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