DIY Halloween Brownies: GHOST

DIY Halloween Brownies: GHOST

Ready for another ghoulish goodie. This time we're giving you a ghost to get into the spirit of Halloween (see what we did there?) 

So if you're on the hunt for a fun Halloween project with the kids, we think we've got just the trick that's also a treat! 

 DIY Ghost Brownies – step-by-step

STEP 1: Cut your Brown & Blond Original Brownies in half.  
STEP 2: Add a small dollop of frosting to the centre of your brownies. 
STEP 3: Place your marshmallows on top of the frosting. 
STEP 4: Heat up white chocolate and slowly pour on the top of your marshmallow to get a drip effect down the sides. 
STEP 5: Let the white chocolate cool then using piping to give your ghoul a face. 
STEP 6: Enjoy your ghost brownies!



And that completes our quintet of delicious treats that weren't too tricky. Make sure you're following our Instagram account so you can see our other Halloween creations. 

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