DIY Halloween Brownies: BAT

DIY Halloween Brownies: BAT

Oh go on then, its time for another DIY Halloween brownie project. And it wouldn't be Halloween without a few bats flying around! 

These ones are definitely are most customisable designs. We've given you the basic shapes, now go forth and get fancy!   

DIY Halloween Bat Brownies: step-by-step

STEP 1: Cut your Brown & Blond Original Brownies in half. 
STEP 2: Twist Oreo's apart into two biscuits. 
STEP 3: Snap Oreo Biscuits in half. 
STEP 4: Press corners of snapped biscuit into brownies. 
STEP 5: Add chocolate frosting to bottom of candy eyes and place them onto your brownies. 
STEP 6: Enjoy your Bat Brownies!  



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