Brown & Blond
make brownies.

Deliciously gooey, rich, chocolatey, want-another-bite-right-now, brownies. And absolutely nothing else.

Gimme Brownies
– Our Story

We're in a world of brownies

Since 2010, that’s all we’ve made. Lots and lots (really, a lot) of scrumptious, gooey chocolatey brownies. As well as our well loved favourites, we’re also excited to for you to try our tasty limited editions too.


Good's OK. Perfect's better

Whether we're baking our favourites or our flavour of the month, we only use the best ingredients.


Why? Because they help to make the tastiest brownies. Just like these...

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Our Brownies. Your happy customers

Everyone loves our brownies. But some people don’t know the brownies that they love are ours. That’s because we’ve been supplying wholesale batches of brownies for donkey’s years. From farm shops to coffee shops, canteens to wedding caterers, unis to events...

Stock our brownies

Never mass produced.

Our brownies are baked by hand and sent fresh the same day.

The best ingredients.

Like eggs from round here, and chocolate from Belgium.

Amazing flavours.

Choose from favourite flavours or our limited editions. Either way, you’ll be flavour of the month.

Fresher for longer.

Freeze our brownies or keep them fresh for up to 10 days. (If you can keep your hands off that long.)

Try our flavour
of the month.