Brown & Blond | Our Story
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Our Story

At Brown & Blond we AIM to bring people together through a shared love and appreciation of brownies.

Brown & Blond PRIDES itself on a strong following from our varied but equally chocolate brownie hungry customers.

Our brownies are for everyone and anyone, from young children to butch builders, desperate to get their hands on a chunk of chocolate brownie to fuel them for the rest of the day. We endeavour to create a welcoming service and an utterly delicious brownie and blondie experience for all.



How it all began…

Brown & Blond was established back in 2010 by 18 year old George Welton. He came up with the idea whilst working in a small cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where he was running a busy kitchen.

George’s favourite part of the day was filling up the café windows with various decadent cake creations to tempt in sweet toothed customers.

One of the best sellers was his chocolate brownie and George quickly recognised the great potential in this delectable, gooey treat. To everyone else it was just a brownie, but to George it was so much more.

With a tenacious enthusiasm for all things sweet and a great belief in his product, he decided to take the leap and set up a micro bakery from the back of his family’s small holding in York. With just a domestic oven salvaged from his parents’ garage, his grannies Kenwood Chef and a baking tray, Brown & Blond was born and the rest is brownie history….

George can now be found at the Brown & Blond bakery in Leeds where the brownies can be smelt before they are seen. The team are always experimenting with new flavours and ideas. Some triumph whilst others leave George and his employees a tad sour in the face! It’s all good fun; trial and error, and when a gem of a brownie is discovered, the sour only makes the great taste even sweeter!

Brown & Blond started from a handful of valued wholesale customers and farmers markets. It has now developed into a Yorkshire brownie empire attending numerous events and markets all over the North of the country ranging from small farmers markets to prestigious events such as The Great Yorkshire show and York Christmas Market. The artisan bakery also supplies its products to a growing number of wholesale customers.

What does the immediate future bring for George and for Brown & Blond? Well, George is pushing ahead with plans to supply his brownies across the UK. However, the full story is yet to unfold, but the future is certainly looking brownie-big!