Brown & Blond | Brownies & Blondies
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Brownies & Blondies

Brown & Blond Chocolate Brownies are rich in taste and abundant in flavour, made with the finest Belgian Chocolate.

Our Blondies are oh so sweet and oh so yummy, caramel in colour and made with fine white Belgian Chocolate.
These silky, melt in the mouth treats have been specially designed by George, so you will know a Brown & Blond Brownie or Blondie, whenever you taste one!

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Why do our Brownies & Blondies taste so good?

  1. We pride ourselves on only using the FINEST ingredients
  2. Where possible we source our ingredients LOCALLY
  3. All our brownies are lovingly HANDMADE
  4. Our brownies have a UNIQUE and deliciously indulgent taste!